Roof and Deck Cleaning

We offer roof cleaning and deck cleaning througout Seattle, Renton, Tacoma and the Eastside. Whether you're dealing with moss on your roof or mildew on your deck, our pressure washing and power washing services remove moss, mildew, lichen, and algae. We're the cure for slippery decks!

Maintenance Agreement

Annual Inspection and Cleaning

We offer a preventative maintenance service. After the leaves have fallen, we will gently air clean the roof and clean your gutters. This will leave fewer nutrients on which the moss grows, and allow for better drainage from your roof to the foundation/footing drain.

Roof – Composition/Shingle

A composition roof is made up of solidified tar with a gravel protective coating. This protects against UV rays from the sun. Moss will get between the shingles and migrate underneath, deforming the asphalt shingles and causing the shingles to fracture. Removal will reduce premature decomposition. Once the moss has gotten underneath, it can cause the shingles to warp and buckle. At that point, the roof may need to be replaced.

Roof – Cedar Shake

The key to maintaining a cedar shake roof is to keep it clean and free of moss, fungus and debris so that when it rains, it can dry. We clean the top ends and sides of every shake on your roof…and there are hundreds of them. We will change out cedar shakes as necessary (up to one bundle at no charge.) Then we use an environmentally “safe” roof treatment. It is a soap solution and not metallic based zinc or copper. This will inhibit fungal/moss growth by making the surface more acidic. (Moss prefers a basic environment.)

Roof – Tile or Metal

Tile Roofs - Although moss and algae will not deteriorate a tile roof as easily as it will a composite or shake roof, the build-up of moss can hinder water run-off.  It can dam up and force the water to go underneath the tiles.

Roof Repair

Occasionally, our Roof Cleaner will realize that you may need minor roof repair.  This can extend the life of your roof.  We can do this for an additional charge.  If the damage is extensive, we will consult with you about the option of replacing the entire roof.

Clean Gutters

We clean all debris from your gutters so that water can flow freely to the downspouts. If the gutters overflow, it can damage the facia board of your home. Moisture can wick to the underlaminate of the roof and cause dryrot. We wash the mildew and algae from the outside, the bottom and the front face of the gutter. This not only makes them “look nice” but will reduce premature aging.

Deck and Patio Cleaning Service

We clean all flat and horizontal surfaces of the decking materials. By keeping your deck free of algae, it not only will make it look nice, but will make it safer too. When algae is wet, it can be slippery like a skating rink. (You may have heard of someone getting hurt from slipping on their deck.) We can clean the surface so that a sealer will adhere if applied (by you) afterwards. Properly maintained, a wood deck should serve you for many years. Composite decks are less likely than wooden decks to get fungal growth. It is not “maintenence free” but is “lower maintenance.”

Deck / Patio Preservation and Staining

After your deck or Patio is cleaned, we can apply a wood preservative with (or without) a stain.  We use what we believe is to be the finest product.  It will penetrate into the wood to: repel water, stop UV Damage, reduce wood rot, and reduce mold and mildew growth.

Driveway, Sidewalks and Steps Power Washing

We wash your driveway to keep it free of moss and algae which can work its way into the cracks and crevices of the driveway material and deteriorate the surfaces. Grease and oil can dissolve the bonding properties of asphalt and should also be removed (for an extra charge.)

Most steps are wood or concrete. For safety reasons, in addition to appearance, it is important have these periodically cleaned. We remove all debris, moss and fungal growth that can make the steps slippery and unsafe.

Power Wash House Siding / Prep for Painting

Mildew/mold on siding appears as a dark spot, often on a shady side of your home. It likes humidity, and can be a sign of underlying moisture issues in your home. You will know if there is mildew on your siding if you apply a drop of chlorine bleach and if the siding immediately lightens in color. (But, do it in the corner or an inconspicuous place.) Once mold develops, washing the surface with a oxygenated bleach solution usually removes the mildew. Be certain to remove all mildew prior to painting because it will either bore further into the siding, or in to the paint. If the thin layer of dirt and pollution is not first removed, the fresh paint will not bond to the material surfaces.

Window Washing

We will rinse large pieces off windows at no charge. Generally, windows will need to be cleaned of water marks to complete your house cleaning. We can refer you to a company for this work.

Debris Removal

Unless directed otherwise, we the moss from the roof will be rinsed into the grass or garden.  Generally, it is not a problem at all.  It should not be noticeable or cause any damage.  If you want us to put this into a “green” trash can, there is an extra charge.